SLN@BCN - Barcelona Super Resolution Light Nanoscopy - Super Resolution Node Barcelona

The Barcelona Super-Resolution Light Nanoscopy Facility (SLN@BCN) is composed of the Advanced Light Microscopy (ALM) unit (at the Centre for Genomic Regulation, CRG) and the Super-resolution Light microscopy and Nanoscopy (SLN) unit (at the Institute of Photonic Sciences, ICFO). The main mission of the SLN@BCN alliance is to provide high-end services in super-resolution techniques to the biological community in the form of open access to most advanced instrumentation, custom-specific training & support, as well as conducting leading research and development into new forms of super-resolution nanoscopy. The SLN@BCN constitutes a powerful multidisciplinary pole with a unique combination of biomedicine, photonics, engineering, computer science, biochemistry and nanotechnology.

Specialties and expertise of the Node

Both ICFO and CRG perform first class research on super resolution imaging (STORM, SPT, STED) and applications. The SLN@BCN is embedded inside this rich environment. The facility provides a complete package of services, including access to cutting edge instruments, custom-made data analysis algorithms and user training. Importantly, the two sites of the SLN@BCN come with a complete biological infrastructure for super resolution imaging. SLN@BCN can also provide bridging access to several other imaging technologies, specifically to the Mesoscopic Imaging and the in vivo imaging Node in Barcelona.

Offered Technologies:

  • Ground state depletion microscopy (GSD)
  • Photo activated localization microscopy (PALM)
  • Stimulated emission depletion microscopy (STED)
  • Stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy (STORM)
  • Laser scanning confocal microscopy (LSCM/CLSM)
  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Multiphoton microscopy systems

Additional services offered at the Node 

  • Instruments
  • Technical assistance to run instruments
  • Methodological setup (e.g. design of study protocol and standard operation procedures)
  • Probe preparation
  • Wet lab space
  • Server space
  • Data processing and analysis
  • Training seminar rooms

Instrument highlights

Among the special instrumentation at the SLN@BCN are a combined CW-STED and multiphoton microscope, a 3D STED with three depletion lasers (CW and pulsed) for SR imaging of green to far-red dyes, an incubated CW-STED with Hybrid detectors, Avalanche Photo-Diodes (APDs) and resonant scanning, Ground State Depletion and STORM microscopes and a centralized storage, processing and data transfer platform.

Pulsed 775 nm STED image of a Histone 2B Snap-Tag labeled with Snap-SiR. The image was taken with a 1.2 NA water immersion objective in a fixed sample and is a single slice of a deconvolved 3D stack, juxtaposed to the corresponding confocal slice

Contact details

Dr. Pablo Loza-Alvarez
SLN Facility manager
+34935534 075

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