The Van Leeuwenhoek Center for Advanced Microscopy (LCAM) - Functional Imaging Flagship Node Amsterdam

The Dutch LCAM – Functional Imaging flagship Node in Amsterdam in the Netherlands focuses on advanced life cell- and functional imaging and on technically challenging high-end experiments. This Node develops equipment, software and molecular constructs (fluorophores, small-molecule dyes and FRET sensors) to enable novel types of experiments. LCAM presents the single largest concentration of microscopy experts in the Dutch biomedical field with world-class specialists in e.g. FRET, FCCS, FLIM and instrumentation.

Offered Technologies:

Technologies Euro-BioImaging
Deconvolution widefield microscopy (DWM)
Laser scanning confocal microscopy (LSCM/CLSM)
Spinning disk confocal microscopy (SDCM)
Two-photon microscopy (2P)
Total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy (TIRF)
Single Molecula localisation microscopy (SMLM)
Light-sheet mesoscopic imaging (SPIM or dSLSM)
High throughput microscopy/high content screening (HTM/HCS)
Fluorescence (cross)-correlation spectroscopy (FCS/FCCS)
Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET)
Fluorescence Recovery After Photobleaching (FRAP)
Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy (FLIM)

Contact details

Dr. Mark Hink

Prof Dr. Kees Jalink
Manager LCAM-NKI

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