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How to access Euro-BioImaging technologies

Note: This is a summary - for more details, please log in and click “Access technologies”

1. Select technology and Node

To access imaging technologies at any of the Euro-BioImaging Nodes, first search and choose the desired technolog(ies) and Node(s) from the Technologies tab.

2. Submit proposal

After you have made the selection, fill in and submit the simple proposal form. At this stage, you need to log in. 

Click here to see the access form questions beforehand. You can use this to prepare your answers. 

You may submit a proposal also without knowing which technology or Node you need. To do so, select the “I don’t know which technology” or “Unknown Location” options respectively. Euro-BioImaging will contact you to support you in selecting the right technology and Node. 

If you know which Node to visit, we recommend contacting them before submitting a proposal. If you have already contacted the Node of your choice, the staff can assist you with the application procedure. The node staff can also fill in the application on your behalf.

Check here for possible funding opportunities.

3. After proposal submission

Your proposal may be sent to an external expert for advice on the scientific content, especially if your project has not gone through some type of scientific evaluation before. After this, the proposal is sent to the selected Node(s) for confirming technical feasibility. You can track the status of your proposal from the Access technologies tab, available when logged in. You will also get email notifications. When logged in, you can also send messages to Euro-BioImaging about your proposal. Once your proposal is accepted (the whole process is estimated to take 2-3 weeks), the Node(s) will be in touch with you regarding practicalities.

NOTE: You need to submit short feedback after the access, and later on report a possible publication back to us. Also, in any publication, you need to add an ACKNOWLEDGEMENT to Euro-BioImaging, for instance like this: "The authors acknowledge Euro-BioImaging (www.eurobioimaging.eu) for providing access to imaging technologies and services via the XXX Node (City, Country)".– The feedback and acknowledging are both crucial requirements to keep Euro-BioImaging operational. Thank you!!

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